Underground Extraction Technologies

OUR MISSION: To prove to the world that carbon fibre has a place in everything we do.
Not just to look great but to add strength, remove weight, be more energy efficient and to perform!


We are a specialist composite manufacturer with a tailored facility just south of Brisbane, en route to the Gold Coast.

Our business exposes us to people and machinery in critical markets. Critical in quality, procedure and delivery. For us it is essential we attain the highest levels of governance in order to demonstrate our corporate values to enterprise and consumers alike. We are committed.

We are no strangers to a diverse range of technical fabrics. Pre-preg Carbon Fibre, Kevlar, Dyneema, Innegra and more. All tried and tested in the harshest of environments and proven to perform.

Established in 2008 to service a niche market in motorsports, ASC Composites has quickly become a product leader in several key areas.


PO Box 6428 Yatala MDC 4207,
Queensland, Australia

PHONE: 07 5665 7866
Email: sales@carbonaero.com.au